Exploring the various forms of psychedelic music inspired by 60's Italian cinema, 70's British TV action music, San Francisco hippie psych, post-punk and the darker elements of nature.

While reading a Philip K. Dick short story about Martian cloud people coming to Earth for safety (and not receiving it), news broke that ‘Mysterious Clouds’ had formed on Mars. 


This coincidence (was it? or was it a form of communication from the universe that shouldn't be neglected?) seemed too intense not to act upon, so Dedric Moore of Kansas City psych-electronic band Monta At Odds formed a new identity – aptly titled Mysterious Clouds. Dedric walked through the haze, grabbed a guitar and a variety of fuzz pedals, and set the controls for interstellar travel. Illuminated by an emotion from beyond, he started writing songs about space, lost time, regret, panic, and nervous hope for the future of humanity.


While recording the 2017 album Panic on the Noon Meridian, Delaney Moore (yes, the hidden brother) started feeding the band a steady stream of lost West Coast ’60s psychedelic music. These nuggets helped the band steer through the heavy vibe of the studio and inspired an outlet, a light from beyond, a way to come through this in one piece: the new My Head is Going Round EP.


Taryn Blake Miller, of Your Friend fame, has been an ally of the band since performing at KC Psych Fest II. Random meetings turned into hangouts and discussions about working together. Stars align and Taryn takes a break from recording her second LP for Domino Recordings, stops in Monta At Odds HQ - and immediately becomes the sister of the guys. She gets it! And even better, Taryn adds vocals to these summer-vibe songs that take them to that higher atmosphere. 


The music works its way through laconic grooves, reverb-drenched guitars, classic extended fuzz solos, mellotron orchestrations, Middle Eastern ragas, and tape echo’ed vocals. Perfect for driving, relaxing on the beach, low settings on the treadmill, foggy basements, and basking in the sun.


Along for the ride are Adam Davies (Janet the Planet, Monta at Odds) on guitar, baritone guitar and vocals; Zach Bozich (Monta at Odds, In the Back of a Black Car) on synths, electric piano, and vocals; Matthew Hayden (Monta at Odds, Found a Job) on drums, Aaron Osborne (Monta at Odds, Expo 70) on percussion, Brian Hodes on bass and guitar; and Delaney Moore (Monta at Odds, Gemini Revolution) on additional synths. 


  • Mysterious Clouds have performed with Deerhoof, Mono, Crocodiles, Ancient River, Thor, the Octopus Project; Hibou; the Myrrors, Spaceface, Expo 70 and many more experimental friends. 

  • Mysterious Clouds released Panic on the Noon Meridian on Haymaker Records in May of 2017. 

  • Dedric Moore also curates the Outer Reaches Fest now in its 7th year.

Mysterious Clouds is an off-shoot of Monta At Odds which has released 1EP, and 5 LPs since 2005 to critical acclaim via Haymaker Records, Upstairs Recordings, and Citrona Recordings.

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